EEO, Diversity and Employee Relations

Key Georgia requirements impacting EEO, diversity and employee relations are:

Fair Employment Practices

Georgia prohibits employment discrimination based on protected characteristics, such as:

  • Age (ages 40-70); and

  • Disability.

The Age Discrimination Act applies to all employers, regardless of size.

The Georgia Equal Employment for Persons With Disabilities Code, which applies to employers with 15 or more employees, prohibits retaliation against an individual for opposing unlawful discrimination, filing a charge or participating in an investigation or hearing.

Equal Pay

Under the Georgia Equal Payfor Equal Work Act (EPEWA), an employer with 10 or more employees must pay the same wage rate to both males and females for equal work in jobs that:

  • Require equal skill, effort and responsibility; and

  • Are performed under similar working conditions.

The EPEWA explicitly says that covered employers do not have to pay the same wage rate to both sexes if such payments are made under the following:

  • A seniority system;

  • A merit system;

  • A system that measures earnings by quantity or quality of production; or

  • A differential based on any factor other than sex.

Be aware that where there is overlap between federal, state and/or local law, complying with the law that offers the greatest rights or benefits to the employee will generally apply.