Individual Coaching

The purpose of life coaching is to take you from burn out to bliss, confusion to clarity and fearful living to a more focused and peaceful existence. If you are dealing with life transitions (divorce/marriage, going off to college, empty nest, loss of a friend or family member or any new life phases etc.) or career transitions (wanting to change jobs or careers, unsure of your next steps as you re-enter the workforce etc.) that leave you feeling fearful, confused or uncertain about your future, you could really benefit from having a life coach. You will have the support to help you through life's most challenging times be that in your faith walk, your relationships or your profession.

Your life coach will help you deal with the life challenges you have, and provide you with the support you need to you move through your transitions as smoothly and easily as possible. With techniques that guide you through self-discovery, your life coach will help you to work through any fears and limiting beliefs and other obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving your goals. With the help of your life coach, you will also learn how to research new options for your life and test them out for fit. She will be with you every step of the way.

Your life coach is a confidante that will not just be a compassionate sounding board - she will stay with you as you rediscover or even reinvent your true self, and re-gain your joy for life and living. You have been taking care of everyone else for a long time, its time to now take care of you. Sessions are designed to meet your lifestyle needs and can be face to face, on the phone or via webinar.

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Seminars and workshops

Our seminars and workshops are great for church and other group settings. Working with groups, the life coach will facilitate an audience involved fun filled day. With a number of topics aimed at helping the everyday mom, wife, student, professional through obstacles to their happiness and success, these sessions will certainly take you through those challenges in a light-hearted and social way. The work shops can be facilitated in half-day to 2 days sessions and are reasonably priced.

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Motivational Speaking

Does your congregation need a little motivational boost or your community group feeling a little lack luster? People can experience burn out and fatigue and often don't even realize it themselves. We can all do with a little pep talk from time to time and with our faith-based, life purpose topics, you are sure to leave one of these motivational sessions feeling energized and more positive in your outlook. To request this service or find out more about our motivational speaking engagements, please click here.