The balancing act of quitting and winning

I recently read a blog at that made me think a lot about my life purpose. In the blog, the author wrote about knowing when a season is ending and that it was ok to "be a quitter". I thought that was interesting because I have never ever wanted to be considered a quitter since I have always been taught "winners never quit and quitters never win". As a woman, I have lived through different seasons and schools of thought which today have formed and informed who I really am. In my season of youth,  I was under the mindset that I had to be pliable and submissive to others. This only worked for a short while. Now that I am older and in a different season, I have developed a mindset that pushes me to be tougher and stronger which does not always work out either.

While I believe firmly that both mindsets serve their purposes in particular life seasons, learning how to balance the mindsets is critical for sustained peace and happiness. This takes me back to the blog I read from Grit and Virtue. There are times when you need to quit - the bad habits of self-doubt, feelings of not being enough or good enough and self pity, and reclaim your strength and love of life. Life is what you make it and choosing to be happy are not just things we say, its what we should do. Its ok to walk away from toxic situations, people and relationships that we think we cannot do without. Let's face it, how happy have those things really made you feel?

We all have stuff that we should quit - no one needs to tell you what those are. Will you be brave today and be a quitter?