What's your worry?

We all worry or fret about something or another at some point in our lives. Even those of us with the strongest most resilient of faith have days when we wonder if a solution for a situation we are dealing with will ever be found. Take heart because you are not strange nor is there something unusual about you if you worry.

Sometimes even when we have received promises from God and even though we know that He will take care of us (because this is not the first time we are in this position), we wonder and doubt if He will come through because we do not see the results just yet. We forget that He will take care of us no matter what our circumstances tell us.

As I completed my devotion today, I too realized that I was secretly concerned about things I had no business being worried about. I have God's promises but I had become distracted with the things that I could see - the loneliness of an empty nest and a traveling spouse, the fear of starting a new business on my own and most of all, the fear of failure having experienced a long and very successful career in the corporate world. What would people think?

Luke 24 and so many other scriptures reminds us that we are valuable to God and He will always take care of us. He provides for and clothes the animals and wild flowers and, He does and continues to do so much more for us. God has invested talents, skills and emotions in us and because we fail to remember this at times, we get distracted and ripples of worry begin to disturb our days and our nights. You can help yourself by taking a few simple steps:

  • Remember how much God has invested in you already. Your talents, skills, experiences and resources are all for you to do more with for His kingdom and to help yourself
  • Remember, if He has given you much, He also requires much from you (Luke 12:48). How have you used what He has given you? Start thinking of ways to use the 'much' and it may help you worry less about the small stuff
  • Turn your focus to God and your readiness to be in His presence - recapture the excitement of your relationship with Him when you first came to know Him, and gain a new appreciation of the wonder of His love for you
  • When you start to worry about your finances - remember, somehow you always manage to come through. That was not you, it was all God and you have to trust that He will continue to do that same thing for you

And finally - whatever you do here on earth should be an investment in your portfolio for your future in heaven. How you treat others, conduct yourself in business, school or even socially is an asset that you developed for life. We plan for the future in a number of ways but how do you treat your assets for eternity? Laying up your treasures for heaven will keep you in the mindset of ultimately going there. What do the assets in your portfolio look like?