More and more women are joining the workforce and many are not prepared for the challenges of life or their new careers. Our specialized life and career coaching for women prepares them for their next chapters in life. Click here to be taken to the life coaching page.


In the valley

Does your life seem empty and barren? Life can deal surprise attacks that can leave you feeling hopeless and alone - that feeling of being in the valley with no help in sight. Wouldn't you like to feel a sense of happiness, sure-footedness and combat the feelings of fear and uncertainty? We can help you to find your purpose and enjoy your life again. Find your true purpose and live life as it was intended.



Seasons of change

We all experience seasons in our life - spring, summer, fall and winter. Winter can be the most harsh of the seasons as everything that was vibrant with life and beautifully green seems to die during the winter of your life. At times, we see only the deadness and feel the icey blast of the wind. The winter of life can take many forms - empty nest, loss of a spouse, career, friends, parents... but know that every season ends. Buried beneath the snow and ice lays new life waiting for the warm of spring to start anew. During the winter - let us plan for spring. Our life coach will work with you and watch your buds of newness develop from their snowy bed with shared excitement!



mindfulness and well-being

Feelings of happiness and well-being have been scientifically proven to improve mental and physical health, productivity and success and all round goodness. You can chart your own path and choose to be happy and we can help you to find your way along your life journey. We will provide you the tools to rediscover your true self, remove the blocks to your happiness, research new ideas, and test out and master the life you want and deserve to live.