Customized HR Services

 customer service

At Positive People Practices, we take our clients' needs seriously. We know that there are many other PEO's and HR consultants that provide similar services so when you choose our firm, you can expect nothing but excellence from us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and our job is not complete until this happens. Customer service never ends  in our book so whether you are just making enquiries about what we offer or at the end of your project with us, we promise prompt, polite and professional services all of the time, every time. And.... we wont let you jump through hoops to get to us, if we are not available when you call, we will return your call within 24 hours or sooner.

“It’s not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” ~Patricia Fripp

Here are highlights of our services:

We are a small firm that will provide a more intimate and caring service than the larger big box firms. We view our clients as our partners and so, we journey with you through all of the stages of your business. You can pick individual offerings or combine services a la carte.


Business support

Our job is to make sure that you maintain strong operations and deliver the highest quality service to your clients. We will handle your human resources administration and be a point of contact for you and your employees in matters relating to:

  • Recruitment, on-boarding and new hire orientation

  • Performance management

  • Employee relations

  • Training and development

  • Employee engagement

  • Total rewards and benefits

  • Talent management


Meetings at your convenience

One of the things we pride ourselves in is the flexibility of our business model. We can come to your location for meetings or with the ease of technology, meet with you in a virtual setting. We can connect with you via

  • Face to face in person meetings

  • Virtual face to face meetings

  • Teleconference meetings


up to date hr knowledge

We are a firm with many years of professsional HR experience and academic know how. Our consultants have worked for large and small firms in corporate America and internationally and have a wealth of knowledge in organization and human resource management. We are constantly involved in research and have memberships and affiliations with the Society for Human Resource Management, HR.BLR, and several universties. These affiliations allow us to remain up to date on the latest HR news and legislation.


custom workshops and seminars

We know no two organizations are the same - there may be similarities but companies are like families with idiosyncracies that go back to the culture of the firm. We also know that from time to time, employees and even leaders need a boost of encourgement, team building and training which we offer in the form of workshops and seminar. Because there are differences in how people work, behave and believe, we can customize these offerings based on size of group, topic and method of delivery either in person or virtually. Our workshops can cover topics relating to team building, leadership development, people skills, state and federal compliance and much more. 


satisfaction surveys

Your clients stay with you because they are satisfied with your services and the same is true for staff. Smart organizations do not wait until they become a revolving door to implement engagement strategies, they see ahead and plan accordingly. Satisfaction surveys will allow you to do your planning effectively because they tell you what your employees are saying about you and your company. We manage all aspects of the survey from devising the questions based on your needs, and collect and interpret the data for you. We will also work with you for solutions and next steps after the survey has been completed.


data metrics and reporting

Do you know the health of your firm? How many new hires have you had in the last quarter? How many of those are still with you? What has been your turnover trend for the last 3 years? Do you know who your future leaders are and are they ready for the next step up the ladder? Many of these questions can be answered by knowing your numbers. You can plan strategically for tomorrow if you know what today looks like. Your competitors are likely prepared and know their workforce challenges and if this is true, they have a shoe in over you. We can collect your data for areas of interest to you and help you strategically prepare for changing workforce dynamics, successful recruitment and retention efforts and any issue where there is a gap because you are not aware of the metrics associated with it. 

taking notes.jpeg

state and federal employment law and compliance

We can create a compliance checklist that can help you stay on the right side of the law, and maintain a happy and healthy workforce. Our HR consultants are experts in all areas of employment law and will ensure you get the support you need to be compliant. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Laws are based on the number of employees in your organization: even if you have one employee, you may still be responsible to ensure they are treated fairly for pay, immigration control, discrimination and many other pitfalls you can experience during the working relationship

  • You need to be aware of federal and state legislations for every stage of growth in your business: now that you have successfully started your business, checking your list on the compliance register is not a one time deal. We will help you as your company grows to demystify the laws that apply to your firm and help you stay compliant in all employees matters and at all stages in your company's life cycle.

  • Ignorance is no defense: with so much information on the internet, ignorance is no longer a defense in matters of employment law. Because we know how busy you are running your business, we can take up the slack and deal with the details, reply to any external questions from governing entities, handle the training for employees and your managers and keep records for you and your employees.

Your employees come to work everyday with the expectation they will be treated fairly. They in exchange will put in a fair day's labor and demand this reciprocity. When employees are unhappy because they do not feel they are being treated well, they can leave and tell others about you. This can lead to very ugly press, fines or even jail time especially if you did not comply with a certain law or practice.

organizational structure, procedures and policies

Every organization needs to have a structure of sorts even if you are a small business. Your structure will inform how you do business and can be formal - which is normally found in larger entities, or informal - more suited to the small business space. Your organizational structure shows how relationships and lines of reporting work in the firm and if you do not have a good outline of this structure, we can help you create one.

We also know that many smaller firms do not have all of the necessary policies and practices documented. In the times that we live in, it is essential to have recorded processes and polices - this can help to keep you out of court! We can create your handbooks, policies, job descriptions and other documents. We will ensure that you provide the best care for your employees, and in turn they will understand how and why you do what you do.

org structure.jpg

total rewards and benefits


Total Rewards – As more and more job seekers look for companies that offer the best benefits and pay, savvy employers understand the need for a total reward program. Total rewards combine pay, benefits, work environment and all of the things your workers care about and recieve in exchange for the work they do. We can help you create a total rewards program that will encourage the best talent to seek you out because you will be a company that has heightened visibility in the labor market.

Benefits administration – Providing benefits to employees can be costly especially if you select plans that are underutilized or just too expensive to add value to the employee. We can work with you to select the best and more affordable benefit options for medical, dental and vision coverage.

performance management

Managing performance is critical to the growth and well-being of your firm. It is a great way to engage employees, rewards hardworkers and encourage and help those who may be lagging in their duties. Our performance management model will provide training for managers to have those "difficult conversations", performance improvement plans, performance appraisals and set the tone and expectations for your employees. Your goal is to ensure that you create the right environment for your employees to thrive and work to the best of their abilities. Having a robust performance management process will help with that goal.

employee engagement

Engaged employees are those who are excited about their work and are positive about where they work. These are the employees who remain loyal even through the hard times, and truly have your business at heart. The way employees feel about you is based on how you treat them and their engagement will only last if they feel that you care about their well-being and they are treated fairly. Sometimes employers miss the mark and take staff for granted which can lead to a host of problems. Disengaged employees may not leave and sometimes, you wish they would!

We can help you with strategies to keep your staff engaged and much of what can be done does not have to come at a high price. We can help you organize your events, recognition programs, team building and test the your organizational climate with surveys and round table sessions.

recruitment, on-boarding and new hire orientation

We offer customized packages that can handle your recruitment, onboarding and new hire orientation for your newbies. Let us help you find the best talent or if you want us to just handle the documents they need for employment such as immigration and work history we can do that too. We provide a new hire orientation program that can be tailored specifically for your firm to ensure your new hire is quickly up to speed with your culture, rules and practices so they can hit the ground running.

new hire.jpg

employee training



We offer a range of employee training covering topics such as :

  • team building

  • workplace etiquette

  • preventing workplace harassment and bullying

  • avoiding discrimination

  • customer service

In addition, we offer management training to handle issues around the following:

  • employment law

  • managing FMLA

  • perfomance management

  • leadership development

  • disciplinary actions

  • managing employee relations and avoiding conflict

employee training.jpg

talent management

No matter the size of your firm, even company wants the brightest and the best talent to help to move their company forward and achieve their goals. Talent management simply means helping you hire, train and retain the best talent. We can teach you how to invest in your staff through training, succession planning, mentoring programs and other strategies so that your workforce remains resilient, and you have a pipeline of successors for any eventuality.



In addition to the HR services above, we provide church administration for faith based organizations. We can help your church staff become effective leaders and support the pastor in the mission of the church. We offer all types of training using biblical and principles and our services include but are not limited to:

  • administration documents

  • organizing the church structure

  • administering personnel resources and systems

  • risk management

  • processes, policies and guidelines


Our newest offering

You may have heard about the personality assessment tool DiSC. DISC has helped millions of people around the world to:

· Gain a greater self-awareness

· Improve collaboration and reduce conflict

· Reduce stress and increase productivity

· Create high-performing teams

· Develop effective coaches and managers

· Build positive relationships built on trust and love

We are excited to include Classic and Biblical DiSC as an extension of our behavioral and personal awareness training offerings. Classic DiSC offers an assessment with a focus on the workplace and its individuals. Biblical DiSC on the other hand follows the methodology of the classic assessment however, it offers greater insight to bible truths, and may help you understand why your congregants behave the way they do.

It also:

· Correlates DISC behaviors to Biblical characters, to discover how God can use unique behavioral gifts to advance His Kingdom and fulfill someone's life's purpose

· Helps to explain Jesus' perfect leadership model and how He adapted His behavior to meet the needs of each person with whom He interacted

· Use the language of DISC to strengthen family and marriage relationships

· Adapt an individual's behavior to effectively lead and serve others